I Came, I Saw, I Un-Romanticized: An Introduction

Sometimes, romanticizing is good. It has enabled visionaries to bring their ideas to reality’s realms. It has made people sleep with wonderful dreams.  It is an element that can make the world reach its apparent limits.

Sometimes, un-romanticizing is good too. It brings more of reality under one’s control. It increases empathy across the unfamiliar. It gives the ability to communicate without resorting to complex emotions.

For every up, there is a down. For every down, there is an up. For every up and down, there is a mean. That mean shifts up and down. And we are around that mean throughout our lives.

The relationship of flight quality with the number of flights. Flight quality is shown here not to be dependent on praise and criticism of flight quality. Usually, when flight quality is above average, praise is given. The following flight yield a flight quality closer to the mean, which can lead one to assume that the praise caused the decrease in flight performance (e.g., the pilot slacked off). Same line for the lower than average flight quality (e.g., I criticized and flight quality improved, so I assume flight quality increases with criticism). Correlation does not always mean causation. Rather, all of that praise and criticism in this case has no effect. The real cause is the statistics (i.e., the mean).

There are times in which the best way to get that mean to the right place is to experience extremes first. Experiencing those extremes provides a highway to un-romanticization. Through this highway, the power to understand begins to reach one’s doorstep. One can either abandon that power for any amount of time or take that power at a desirable time.

To romanticize is to expose oneself to extremes, some of which are necessary to bringing that mean up or down. To un-romanticize is to understand how that mean reaches those extremes, which allows one to better move the mean to a desirable position.

Overall, romanticizing can bring one to un-romanticizing. And this, I believe, is a good thing.

Throughout the following posts, I explain the beauty and growth behind un-romanticizing and how it plays as a balancing force in one’s life. A balance of romanticizing and un-romanticizing is a means of achieving a balanced life. With this knowledge in hand, you (and anyone else) would have more tools to control life’s balancing scale.

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