My name is Jodutt Basrawi. Hence the initials J.B. In China, people call me 乔达 (Qiao Da). Jodutt is the Arabic translation of Cevdet, a Turkish first name. My last name in Turkish translates to Basralı (a person from Basra). Hence the initials C.B. My name is an Arabic name, so to provide it justice, it is originally written as جودت بصراوي. Hence the initials ج.ب.

This website displays analyses, interests, and thoughts, all of which are my own.

I am a law student doing a legal residency in Chicago. Before that, I lived in Los Angeles and spent some of my formative years. I lived in Saudi Arabia most of my life, a country with different views of public and private life relative to the rest of the world. Life in Saudi Arabia was and still is beautiful in its own way.

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