Biking to Work in Los Angeles: An Experiment in Mustachianism


I’ve been reading Mr. Money Mustache’s blog for quite some time now and I’ve been really intrigued by his worldview. So much so that I am trying to incorporate various aspects of what he preaches into my own life. And if there’s one thing that’s absolutely central to his personal finance philosophy/lifestyle, it’s biking. He essentially views biking as a way of life. If you’re interested in his biking philosophy, here are two articles I recommend checking out:

The Challenge

Bike to and from work every day in Los Angeles, the freeway capital of the world. It’s roughly 7 miles one-way, making for a 14-mile roundtrip.

The Motivation

After reading plenty of MMM’s posts, I can basically condense the merits of biking down to four points:

  • It’s far more affordable than driving. When we drive…

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