GSEISI enrolled in a critical class for my 2nd winter quarter at UCLA.  Known as Introduction to Information Studies, the class asks its students questions regarding the correlation between technology and culture.  Based on the statement that culture creates technology and technology creates culture, the class studies the utilization and implications of information within world society.

The class is taught by Ramesh Srinivasan, a professor who is well engaged with studies and projects concerning the impact of digital media on a wide spectrum of cultural phenomena.  From his travels to Egypt and India to his own experiences in California, the United State’s technology mecca, Professor Srinivasan has assessed the power of information in both academic and practical terms.

In order to experience the power of information first-hand, Professor Srinivasan has asked students like me to create a Twitter account and a blogging account (via Tumblr, Blogger, etc.).  Both accounts have to be updated more than once a week, and it constitutes a part of our grade for the class.  Instead of creating a conventional blogging account, I decided to invest more time in creating an actual website.  This website will serve both as a blog and as a source of unique outlooks.

Ultimately, I will do my best to make this website as beneficial to the public as possible.  As time goes on, this website will be updated with a variety of stories, blogs, links, pictures, and news.  Users of this website are more than welcome to communicate with me through this website’s comment panels, through Facebook, through Twitter, and through my e-mail (

This outlines how this website came to be and how I hope it will be received.

Thank you for reading,

Jodutt Basrawi

2 responses to “Beginnings”

  1. Good on ya … Here’s something for you to ponder: West = Technology like East = Culture, The further East you go, the more culture you get, all the way to China, the Far East. The further West you go, the more technology you get, all the way to California, the Far West. Think about it …


  2. Hey Jodutt, I look forward to yout posts, it looks very interesting. A website like this has a lot of good potential


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