What Should be Syria’s Biggest Changes? There are 13.

These big changes do not necessarily require big actions. Here they are in list form.

  1. Change from a majoritarian system to a parliamentary & plurality/proportion based system, similar to Britain and France and unlike the United States. Why? To enhance diverse participation in government.
  2. Revert back to the 1950’s constitution and amend it from there. The 1950 constitution was the last constitution ever decided by popular vote. It is not a perfect document, but it would be a good place to start.
    1. –> If less then 66% of transition gov’t disagrees with 1950’s constitution, elect a new constitutional assembly via popular vote of the people.
  3. Establish labor unions, nonprofits, and civic organizations before amending the constitution.
  4. Initiate the growth of a knowledge-based economy. Patents! Trademarks! Copyrights! Trade Secrets!
  5. Create more districts. The more districts, the more voices.
  6. Each district shall have its own district parliament that changes in size based on population.
  7. Each city shall have mayors, school board, city trade board (much like U.S. municipal system).
  8. Something that should’ve been done a while ago: term limits for cabinet ministers.
  9. Shorten the length of election cycles to a few weeks in order to prevent over-campaigning (France does this).
  10. Allow unlimited amount of political parties.
  11. Establish a Supreme Court similar to Art. III of the U.S. Constitution.
    1. Common Law System preferred in order to establish Stare Decisis, which slows any new authoritarian from rising to power.
  12. A civilian must be the commander in chief. Gone are the days of military members being commanders in chief.
  13. Redistrict before every major election.

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