Law School is not School

Your student days are over.

Law school is not “school”. You don’t necessarily practice a profession at school. You’re not a lawyer at school. And this is all because law “school” is where you first take part in the practice of law.

You’re practicing law as soon as you are inducted into a law class. You begin to research and apply facts like any other lawyer. Your professors are more than just mentors; your professors are your colleagues. As a practicing lawyer, you are now engaged not only in a great collaboration project, but also a lifestyle with practices that will make you grow beyond your expectations.

Practicing law will require you to challenge your beliefs and put together seemingly diametric concepts into one circle. Self-control and keeping your eyes on your future goal(s) will guarantee legal competency. Through this state-of-mind, you’re more than just a student. You are an individual engaged in an honorable practice that society depends on.


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