Everyone is a Polymath. So be one.

I left a Geologic Society Dinner early for a couple of reasons:

1) My coughs and sneezes were becoming more frequent
2) I didn’t get enough sleep yesterday
3) Most people around me decided not to be polymaths, even though everyone is a polymath.

Reason (3) is actually the primary reason for why I left. I was surrounded by Earth scientists of all shapes and sizes, yet the conversation ambiance discouraged applying earth science to things outside of earth science. I’ve seen Oceanographers talk about the social costs of flood-prone cities. I’ve seen Geologists get excited about hyperloops and autobahns. I even once met hydrologists who could not stop speaking about carpentry and tailoring. It is possible to find such great personalities, and I stick to them to this day.

Maybe I just came by the wrong place at the wrong time, or maybe I did not scout well enough to pull different subjects from different brains. Thankfully, however, I obtained a big lesson and reminder.

–> There should be no pressure for the young, middle-aged, and old to conform to the bubbles of ideas and their associated skills (e.g, that degree you have, that certification you have, etc.). Treat these bubbles as small additions to your greater self instead of as plugs for your body’s few outlets. Render the subject to fit you rather than render yourself to fit the subject.

I hope to forever apply my bachelor’s degree and my future J.D. to places where you don’t see such credentials often. Better yet, I hope to see the opposite case in the future. I want to find myself in places where every degree and every doctorate is everywhere. In this way, I believe we can build an inherently more familiar planet instead of one that requires active practice to become familiar with.

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